Here’s what recess has meant for some of my clients. What will yours look like?

Jake’s First Love

Steph was and still is our dog Jake’s first love. Once Jake graduated from his daycare at 6 months, he started the walking program with her. Within a few weeks he listened to us better, his recall improved and he fell in love with Steph and his new pack. When I would say her name, he would perk up and run to the door! We went through a rough 2 years of puppyhood with a dog with a poor immune system. Steph stuck it out with us while we helped him gain his health. She would listen to all our trials and tribulations and take it all in stride and provide assistance and knowledge. She was never judgmental, but rather helped us to see a new angle if a problem was clearer to her. We soon started having her take him for overnights. Every time he was away with her, I relaxed completely knowing he was in her super-competent hands.

–Jean and Jeff Pedigo and “Jake”

Doggie Adventures

My dog Cody who is a Labradoodle has so much fun going out on romps with Steph and the other dogs every day. He is so happy when he gets back from his romp and really gets to expend lots of his energy there. When I am off at work I know that Cody is being cared for during the day and out on an adventure with his doggie friends. I can rely on Steph to show up as scheduled and communicate in advance should any schedule changes need to be made. One of the extra things that I love that Steph does on a regular basis is she sends pictures of the dogs having fun on their adventure and I look forward to seeing them.

—Jim Wick and “Cody”

Ready for anything!

I had a lot of experience with dogs from my childhood, but all my experiences were in the suburbs where dogs and people are isolated by large yards and big fences. I had no idea the importance of early socialization for dogs when you live in the city. Stephanie Miller not only came to our house to consult on crate training but she instilled in us the understanding that early socialization is what makes your dog “city-friendly.” Our dog Kona, now 5 years old, is 100% city-friendly. He knows how to handle aggressive dogs, small dogs, strangers, crowds, and annoying puppies without ever making us nervous. He is ready for anything the city throws at him because we hired Steph to provide socialization, training, and group dog walking. Prevent all the headaches by investing in your dog’s socialization early with a professional!

—Jennifer Matt and “Kona”

Fundamental to training and growth!

Steph is the best! She has been taking Geo on exciting excursions 5 days a week for a year now and I get to come home every day to a happy and relaxed dog. Geo is the sensitive type and Steph and he bonded immediately as he recognized her compassionate nature. If you could see the gentle sweet kisses Geo gives Steph when he greets her! Besides taking Geo on great adventures, Steph has also been fundamental to his training and growth. Within a few private training sessions, we saw huge progress with Geo’s recall, focus, and overall impulse-control. Steph has an endless array of tools to share, from basic crate-training to on-leash walking and more. Steph has the patience of a saint. When we went away on vacation, she continued her walks with Geo and even picked him up from the boarding facility she recommended.

–Kat Tragos and Kathleen Carter and “Geo”

Lots of Smiles

We love having Stephanie’s help with our border collie mix. Border collies need a lot of exercise and attention, and the daily romps with Stephanie and the pack do just the trick. Stephanie has also helped with training and obedience tips as our puppy grows into a full grown dog. Best of all – frequent Facebook postings showing our girl smiling (with her friends)! They make me smile every time!

–Nicole A. Diller and “Frida Collie”

Steph is the BEST

Steph is the BEST walker, trainer, companion and professional businesswoman and all around wonderful person. She is an important part of our lives and I’m thankful that our dog led us to her.

–Lynn Beach O’Neill and “Olive”

6 out of 5 stars!

Our puppy Edie is the happiest little girl and Steph is a huge part of that. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that Edie is in great hands during the day and to know she’s having a blast with all of her friends, especially Steph…she’s the best!

–Sean Livingston and “Edie”

Happy Healthy Puppy!

I can’t say enough great things about Steph! The best evidence of her hard work is the happy, healthy puppy I come home to every day!

–Jeremy Pelkey and “Edie”

No better care!

Steph loves and cares for dogs more than anyone I know! You couldn’t find a better person to care for your pooch!

–Alex Reep

Best dog walkers ever!!

Best dog walkers ever!! People always comment on how good our dog Lyra is and I tell them it is because of her play-dates with Steph. Steph not only walks her dogs, she trains them along the way and helps them to be good citizens on the busy sidewalks of San Francisco. We are so lucky to have her in our lives!

–Melina Selverston-Scher and “Lyra”

Gentle but Firm

Steph’s training style is so gentle but firm – any puppy or dog that gets to work with her is one lucky dog. I rescued two puppies at 3 months and 7 months, Monkey and Waffles. I know dogs, but I am now convinced that puppies are not dogs! They are almost a different species. I had NO idea what I was in for. Without Steph I am not sure I’d be typing right now…probably institutionalized : ). Four words: it’s worth the money. Trust me!

–Tracy Moon and Monkey and Waffles