Babies, kids, and dogs—Oh My!

Baby on the way? Already here? Already crawling? Running around shouting?

Whether you’re thinking proactively to make sure your dog’s ready for baby, or are already dealing with behavior ranging from the mildly inconvenient to seriously worrying, I’d love to help your dog be the best family member possible with dog training San Francisco.

How private training works: Your recess from stress

I offer a range of packages to meet the needs of families at all stages dealing with problems from mild to severe. Your recess from stress is an easy 4-step process:

  1. 90-minute initial home consultation

    We’ll schedule at a convenient time, and I’ll come to you. We’ll discuss your concerns and goals and get to know each other a bit. I’ll assess your dog, help you understand what motivations lie behind her behavior, and give you some pointers to take the edge off and keep everyone safe. Then I’ll explain how training works and what I think is possible to achieve.

  2. Choose the training package right for your family and goals

    We’ll set up the right training package for you, and I’ll start formulating your customized training plan.

  3. Decide who will do the training – you or me?

    Would you like to practice with your dog yourself, or would you prefer me to do the training work for you?  Either way, we’ll meet periodically to coach you and transfer the training results I’ve achieved with your pooch.  Videos of the training sessions will be sent weekly to keep you apprised of your dog’s progress.

  4. Enjoy your recess from stress!

    This step is the easiest—pat yourself on the back and enjoy the results of a training job well done and a family firing on all cylinders together!

My training packages: How can I help?

All packages require an Initial Consult as a first step, so we can get on the same page together and make the most of your package.

Your 90-minute Initial Consult is $175.  All subsequent sessions are $135/hour.

*travel fees not included and may be applied depending on your location*

BABY ON THE WAY Private Training Package

Get your dog ready for baby. We’ll teach him practical skills like walking nicely beside a stroller, leave-it (think diapers, baby toys, and dropped bottles—not to mention the baby!), and go-to-your-bed (think diaper changes, nursing time, and when baby is fussing). We’ll also get your dog used to some of the new experiences he’ll have to adjust to, like a crying baby and not always being the center of attention. This is definitely a case where an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

If you have larger worries about your dog adjusting to baby, let’s get to work right away. Have you noticed your dog acting strangely around infants or children? Seeming fearful, perhaps, or even aggressive? Maybe your dog growls when passing playgrounds or stiffens when children approach to pet him. These things can escalate with the constant pressure of a child in the house—no better time than now to start changing how your dog feels about babies and kids.

BABY’S HERE! Private Training Package


Baby already here? Congratulations! Dog driving you a bit crazy? No worries! Let’s solve whatever problems you’re facing. A little exercise can be a great relief to dog and mom both, so we can teach Fido to walk nicely beside the stroller. And if he’s sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong (diaper hamper, your lap while you’re trying to nurse, the baby’s face), we’ll build solid leave-it and go-to-your-bed cues to make life easier for everyone.

If Fido is having a rougher time adjusting—showing signs of fear or aggression when baby cries, for example, or when baby is picked up or flails her arms and legs about—we want to get on this as quickly as possible for a positive outcome. We’ll put safety protocols into place immediately and then get to work on training, focusing on changing your dog’s perception of baby so they can grow up happily together.

KIDS & DOGS Private Training Package


Everything was easier (all things being relative!) before the crawling and running and shouting began. Maybe dog and child are enjoying each other, but you worry the play is a bit too rambunctious for safety (and you’d rather your dog not respond to the shouting with her own barking!). Maybe your dog is a little confused about which toys are hers and which belong to your toddler. Or you’re concerned that your dog’s interest in baby biscuits and cheerios is becoming a tad too pushy. Let’s work to restore some manners and boundaries so your two- and four-legged kids can continue to enjoy each other’s company.

Dogs can often have a difficult time interacting properly with toddlers or young children. Kids behave differently than adults, after all, and it can be a lot to adjust to. If you’re noticing signs of fear or aggression toward your kids—growling around the food bowl or toys or other objects, inappropriate chasing or nipping, biting, or even subtler signs like active avoidance—the sooner we begin training, the better. Let’s nip this in the bud—no pun intended—before things escalate.

“Four words: it’s worth the money”

“I had NO idea what I was in for. Without Steph I am not sure I’d be typing right now…probably institutionalized : ). Four words: it’s worth the money.
Trust me!”
–Tracy Moon and Monkey and Waffles

Fur kids only?
No problem! We may specialize in dogs and kids, but we’re happy to solve training problems in non-kid households, too. Or non-kid-related training problems in kid households. Point is, we’re happy to help no matter your training goals!