Give your dog a daily recess from boredom

Boredom breeds all sorts of bad behavior. Like barking, chewing, and digging, to name just a few of the undesirables. And if you’ve got a new bundle of joy or have one on the way, getting the dog out for regular exercise will help him adjust more peacefully to the newest member of the family—and give you some peace of mind and rest.

Send your dog out with us-San Francisco Dog Walkers and take your own recess from the worry, frustration, and guilt that come with a dog who isn’t getting enough exercise.

Our 2.5 acres of private, enclosed dog walking space just South of Pacifica means a stress-free, safe walk.

Unlike other companies, we don’t have to share space with other walkers, dogs, and park users. Your dog encounters and plays with only a small group of friends carefully chosen for compatibility. There’s no chance to run off or become lost. And our walkers devote their undivided attention to playing with your dog and her friends, freed from constantly scanning the environment for distractions and safety hazards like untended dogs and joggers and picnics and school field trips… it can be enough to make a dog walker’s heart pound. Luckily for us—and you and your dog—we don’t have to worry about all that.




Our San Francisco Dog Walkers

  • dog*tec Certified
  • Canine first aid certified
  • Well versed in canine behavior
  • Safety focused
  • Dedicated to showing your dog a great time

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Your dog

  • Free to run off leash in full safety
  • Lots of exercise for good health and happiness
  • Time with best friends her own size and energy level
  • No stress or risk from unknown dogs
  • Daily good manners and recall practice

Our private hiking area

  • 2.5 acre dog park for our private use
  • Fully enclosed for safety
  • Separate play areas for small and large dogs
  • Beautiful valley surrounded by mountains and trees
  • All soft mulched ground—no dust, dirt, or sand
  • Play structures for added exploration and fun
  • Plenty of water, toys, and love


  • Come home to a happy, relaxed dog
  • Enjoy a calmer, better behaved dog
  • No more guilt about long days
  • In three words: Peace Of Mind

“I get to come home every day to a happy and relaxed dog.” –Kat Tragos and Kathleen Carter and “Geo”

“Within a few weeks he listened to us better and his recall improved. He fell in love with Steph and his new pack.” –Jean and Jeff Pedigo and “Jake”

“Best of all – frequent Facebook postings showing our girl smiling at play! They make me smile every time!” –Nicole A. Diller and “Frida Collie

It’s a wonderful feeling to know that Edie is in great hands during the day and to know she’s having a blast with all of her friends! –Sean Livingston and “Edie”

“Best dog walkers ever!! People always comment on how good our dog Lyra is and I tell them it is because of her play-dates with Steph.” –Melina Selverston-Scher and “Lyra”